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by Barbara Hostalek

director Eva Grace Mullaley
dramaturgy Polly Low

set & costume Sara Chirichilli
lighting Karen Cook
sound Mei Swan Lim

stage manager Jennifer Poh

cast Bobbi Henry, Bruce Denny, Holly Jones, Luke Hewitt, Mathew Cooper and Rayma Morrison

Subiaco Arts Centre Perth

Yirra Yaakin 2019

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Dana Weeks

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Frankie is in jail for serious offences of assault and drug possession. She’s bitter, disenfranchised and just wants to live life on her terms. But jail is a temporary escape for her – free from financial hardship, homelessness, and hunger. Cracked is the story of Frankie as she rages her way through the criminal justice system with the hope of being reunited with her kids. Weaving several narratives, Cracked shows the complexity and disconnectedness of people that fall into a life of crime, and the trials faced by prisoners and others who are determined to help them find a better life.

Written by Barbara Hostalek, whose first play Banned sold out two seasons at The Blue Room Theatre in 2018, Cracked is a powerful and thought-provoking look inside our criminal justice system from an exciting new voice.

Top of page photo: Dana Weeks

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