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Dust 00.jpg

by Suzie Miller

director Emily McLean
set and costume Fiona Bruce
lighting Trent Suidgeest
sound James Luscombe

cast Benj D'Addario, Charlotte Devenport, Caroline McKenzie, Ben Mortley, Kelton Pell, Nicholas Starte, Alison van Reeken, Gemma Willing

Heath Ledger Theatre STCWA

Black Swan State Theatre Company 2014

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A great wind completely blankets Perth with red dust. Some believe that an apocalypse looms. But for others a man and his young step-daughter, two strangers stranded in an airport lounge, young lovers in a hotel suite, a bride-to-be watching her white wedding disintegrate the storm might be a gift.

A stunning look at the ways in which we love, blame, connect, and find beauty in the chaos of our lives.

Top of page photo: Gary Marsh

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