If I Drown I Can Swim

director Julián Fuentes Reta
assistant director Sarah Neville

writer Maitland Schnaars
lighting Joseph Mercurio
cast Sam Murray (2010), Katya Shetsov (2011), Maitland Schnaars, Anna Sarcich (cello)

Yirra Yaakin Theatre Perth 2010

Under The Radar Fringe Festival Brisbane 2011

Woodford Folk Festival QLD 2011

Corazon de Vaca

♫ audio track: Anaerobica by PerlssDj

What makes a man? How do we unlearn things passed down from generations? How do men learn from love?If I Drown I Can Swim is based on the poetry of Maitland Schnaars, who talks with subtle whispers and brutal strength about identity, what it is to be a man and the meaning of heritage.

Top of page photo: Gerwyn Davies

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