Layla Majnun

writer & narrator Feraidoon Mojadedi

director James Berlyn
creative producer Zainab Syed

illustrator Hadia Bangesh

composers Sinan Aizad, Mujeeb Khan Mahadik
set Matthew McVeigh

lighting Lucy Birkinshaw

sound realisor/mentor Tristen Parr

visual realisor/mentor Mia Holton

Subiaco Arts Centre Perth

Performing Lines 2019​

My original role for Layla Majnun was as projection design advisor and mentor to emerging theatre artists.

Additionally, as visual realisor, I was tasked with animating Hadia Bangesh's illustrations and projecting them as moving line drawings across the set, which comprised of 7, three-sided pillars.

Some of these pillars rotated and changed positions throughout the show, making the projection mapping quite complicated. 

Below is a map of the story which contains all the illustrations.

More than 1800 lines required fine-tuning and animating. 

This video shows the style of animation:

Christophe Canato

Christophe Canato

Often described as the Romeo and Juliet of the East,  Layla Majnun  is a powerful and enduring tale of love and separation loved by cultures across the world. Now re-imagined into a solo show featuring Farsi scholar and storyteller, Ustaadh Feraidoon Mojadedi, the show has been created by a team of diverse artists from Western  Australia and directed by James Berlyn. 
Showcasing poems by Rumi and other poets,  this  hour-long performance integrates traditional Persian storytelling with contemporary visual projections and original music, bringing this tale to the 21st  Century. 

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