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Letters Home

Letters Home 00.jpg

director Joe Lui
writer performer composer Joe Lui
lighting Chris Donelly
set and costume Cherish Marrington

producer Lisa McCreedy

stage manager Meabh Walton

The Blue Room Theatre Perth

Renegade Productions 2014​

The concept for the projection was using a blank painting canvas. As the audience entered, it appeared to have a waterfall painted on it. Some might notice that the waterfall was not a painting, and was in fact was moving in slow motion. The imagery would change throughout the show.

Letters Home
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"Unflinchingly honest, Letters Home is a new autobiographical show from Renegade Productions’ Joe Lui. Director, writer and designer, Joe is well known to Perth audiences, but they’ve never seen him like this. Taking to the stage for the first time in his professional career, Letters Home looks at the period in Joe’s life where he chose not to return to his native Singapore to take up military service, making him a criminal in the eyes of his parents and the Singaporean state."

Letters Home is a deeply autobiographical show, centered around the story of my migration to Perth, Australia, and the mental and emotional gymnastics that have gone into redefining ideas of home and culture for myself as a migrant.

Photography: Simon Pynt

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