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Remote Real

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devisor Sarah Neville
text Jo Pollit & Maitland Schnaars

performers Madeleine Karlsson (2010) Adelina Larsson, Rhiannon Newton, Helen Duncan, Maitland Schnaars

Development 1, 2010

Rorelsen Residency, Malmo Sweden,

performed at Palladium Theatre

Development 2, 2011

​Deckchair Theatre Residency, Perth

Development 1

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Development 2

Remote Real
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Remote Real is an interdisciplinary dance work born of an investigation of performance styles including, theatre, contemporary dance, performance, documentary film and social networking applications. This work questions people's choices about presence and absence, of self and body in relationships through live and recorded performance. It investigates social networking via the internet through dramatic representation and both the opening up and closing in of social space through communication technology triggered by corporeal immediacy. 

Remote Real, investigates isolation in contemporary society where communication difficulties in real time physical spaces are danced out next to moments of contact in virtual worlds. The performance script is grounded in Maitland and Jo's text, rendered through the continuity of communication applications and animated with choreography, is specifically developed to illustrate the difficulties and triumphs of remote communication. A real time narrative embedded in the frustrations of a remote relationship interrupts and crashes the conceptual journey taken by the dancers communing with their laptops.

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