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The Bridging Project

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director Sarah Neville
lighting Joseph Mercurio
sound Michelle Outram, featuring tracks from Filastine (Dirty Bomb) and Paul Prestipino (Tunnel) with permission

performers Adelina Larsson, Caitlin McCloughlin, Maitland Schnaars, Taciano Cavalcante

Deckchair Theatre Fremantle

Corazon de Vaca 2009​

The Bridging Project
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♫ audio track: Singularities by Filastine

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Kaiden West

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Kaiden West

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 Kaiden West

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The Bridging Project is an original, personal and passionate performance about living life across the borders, within the cultures and between the linguistic divides that are scattered over our social landscape.

The  story  is  gathered  from  the  diverse  background  of the  four performers, (Australian, Irish, Ngoongar, Mexican,  Swedish  and  Portuguese)  and is pieced together like a jigsaw through the universal language of movement, sound and imagery.

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