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The Damned

The Damned 00.jpg

director Andrew Lewis

writer Reg Cribb
set & costume Alicia Clements

lighting Joseph Mercurio
sound James Luscombe

cast Claire Lovering, Sage Douglas, Amanda Woodhams, Polly Low, Wade Briggs, Greg McNeill

Studio Underground STCWA

Black Swan State Theatre Co 2011

The Damned
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♫ audio track: The Mystery of Preludio by orang_redux_777

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The Damned 08 Gary Marsh.jpg

Gary Marsh

250 kilometres apart, two 16 year-old girls walk into two police stations to make a confession. A confession of a crime so unimaginable that the full extent of what they are saying only slowly dawns on the police. And in their hometown, nothing will ever be the same again. What drives two teenage girls to commit a crime that shakes their hometown to the core and shocks the entire country?

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