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The Riddle of the Sphinx

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director and dramaturg Julián Fuentes Reta

performers Zoe Pepper, Maitland Schnaars

Spectrum Project Space Perth

Corazon de Vaca 2005

The Riddle of Sphinx
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♫ audio track: Gymnopedie 3 (Satie) by Gurdonark 

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The dramaturgical structure follows the myth of Oedipus and the Sphinx but offers a change in its traditional narrative. Instead of following Oedipus in his quest to Thebes, we are absorbed into the Sphinx's abandoned world of waiting at the side of the road for someone to answer her riddle.

This piece explores gender relationships at a core level but does not impose moral and philosophical judgments; its purpose is to make us question the world we live in and how we as men and women interact with each other in our daily lives.

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