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U.D. (Urban Dreaming)

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writer and performer Maitland Schnaars

director Julián Fuentes Reta
performers Sam Pilot, Richard Seidel

Spectrum Project Space Perth

Overload Poetry Festival Melbourne

Corazon de Vaca 2005

U.D. (Urban Dreaming)
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'U.D.'  is  a  short performance piece based  on  the  poetry  of   Maitland Schnaars,  an  indigenous  man of mixed heritage. Schnaars' poetry talks with subtle whispers and brutal strength about identity. From identity the piece  travels  to love,  the meaning  of heritage,  a possible  future  and to a bloodstained past.

This piece addresses  current  issues  prevalent to  Australia, but also bares the open wounds of all the human communities affected by racial and political intolerance.

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