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Bridging Puentes

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director & dramaturg Julián Fuentes Reta
set & lighting Iván Arroyo
sound and composition Ignacio Rubio

performers Caitlin McCloughlin, Maitland Schnaars, Ruben Martinez, Ana Eva Cruellas, Lucia Ruela, Apolo Ruiz de la Hermosa

International Expo of Zaragoza Spain

Corazon de Vaca 2008

Bridging Puentes
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Bridges connect paths that we journey on. They are built over expanses of water, stone, earth, over roads, cities, canyons, and over other bridges. Bridges are symbols of union, forged in iron, carved in wood, set in concrete, twisted from rope or simply made by the gesture of a hand that invites us to join forces. They exist as testimony to the necessity for us to create bonds and our abilities to do so. But we also reveal a darker side of our nature when we intentionally destroy them, leaving open wounds in our interior and exterior landscapes.

'Bridging Puentes' combines dance, movement, word, action and image in a performance based on the metaphorical and architectural aspects of a 'bridge'.

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