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Dreamtide 00.jpg

choreographers Penelope Mullen, Simon Stewart
dramaturg Jacob Lehrer

set & costume Matt McVeigh
lighting Joe Lui
sound & composition Josh Hogan

Studio Underground STCWA

Ochre Contemporary Dance Co 2013​

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Dreamtide 01.jpg
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Dreamtide 05.jpg
Dreamtide 06.jpg

Dreamtide is a full-length contemporary dance work, choreographed by Penelope Mullen and Indigenous choreographer Simon Stewart. The two pieces are presented side by side to highlight the commonality between people of all cultures, with both stories taken from the ocean.

An ancient land surrounded by sea. Two people's journey through life with the sea as their guide:

A boy born with the gift that he will never drown.
A woman who yearns to communicate with the sea birds that mirror her fractured life.​

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