The Tribe

director, writer, composer, lighting Joe Lui
set & costume India Mehta
visual Shawn Tan

stage manager Meabh Walton

cast Mikala Westall, Paul Grabovac,

Ella Hetherington

The Blue Room Theatre Perth

Renegade Productions 2013


We are us. They are them. Love us. Kill Them.
And so has the sanguine history of our species been writ.

Through separate worlds, and in separate performances, we hold a mirror up to the great sin, encoded into our very genes, that makes sinners of us all. Through The Fall of Lucifer and the story of a woman’s escape from the comforts of her domestic life, The Tribe asks questions about our inherent need to band together, about our quest to belong. 

Above all, we ask: What will it take for our species to overcome the tyranny of our love of The Tribe?​

© 2021 Mia Holton