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The Shape of Things

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by Neil La Bute

director Adam Mitchell
set & costume Fiona Bruce
lighting Tess Reuvers
sound Peter Dawson

stage manager Hugo Aguilar Lopez

cast Adriane Daff, Melanie Munt, Tim Solly, Austin Castiglione

PICA Perth

Black Swan State Theatre Company's

Hotbed Ensemble 2010​

The Shape of Things
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♫ audio track: Potato by The Spark That Thought

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A chance meeting between Evelyn, a renegade art student, and Adam, a nerdy English Lit Major, sets in motion a cautionary tale of deceit and manipulation. Evelyn offers Adam the tools to dramatically reinvent himself both physically and psychologically. A shocking dissection of cruelty, seduction and the artistic process, The Shape of Things has a startling twist, which has made this work a modern American classic.

Photography: Jarred Sing

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